I am not a person with enough patience to read novels.Many times,I have ended up buying novels but have never completed them.So just gave a try reading this novel and i realised that i am getting addicted to it badly.I badly wanted to finish this book and know what happens at the end.In spite of my busy schedule i have successfully finished reading the novel.

Mitch Albom really put a brilliant ending to this masterpiece.
To learn that all of our life stories are related in one way or another and that we need to fill in the holes of our pain and suffering through going back to our past is a magnificent thing. Yet it brings me to the idea of mystery which a lot of people hesitate and some are even reluctant to investigate.
Heaven or life after death is interpreted here as a place where the mysteries of your life is clarified. It is where the process of “resting in peace” takes place. And all it took were a few people and one’s own life story for the purpose of heaven to work for Eddie.

Favourite Quotes:
"..Lost love is still love,Eddie.."
"Life has to end...Love doesnt"

Favourite Character(In Heaven):

Traveling down memory lane
is not all black 'n white.
Traveling down memory lane
is not all lacking light.

Traveling down memory lane
is not eye filled with tears.
Traveling down memory lane
brings fresh and soothing air.

Traveling down memory lane
is love & pain, fun with friends.
Traveling down memory lane
is full of curves and bends.

Traveling down memory lane
is a test of time and mind
Traveling down memory lane
is a joy of it's kind

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There comes a time when you stand alone and when you don't rely on any one.We have been relying on our parents all these years,but now
its time to repay them back.They have given us enough comforts after sacrificing lots.It is the time to pay them back and stop depending upon family,friends etc.Its high time to break all the shackles and move on in life.
Our own decision is the best decision in life.In spite of having this best quality,why do we have to depend upon others??

Do something for which others should depend on you rather than you depending on others.You should be the light for a path to follow.
Treat life like the person who walks on the rope in Circus,who always look forward and never looks back.

Oh my god!! So much for me!! I cant believe this is my second post!!!!!!!

I am very glad to write my first post as i always wanted to have a blog.As the name suggests,it is just to jott down my thoghts,feelings,experiences etc.
Let me share something about my life,my goals,my obssession,passion etc.
My life has completely changed after my college. Now i am into so called corporate world where hardly you get time to do something like this.
And my ultimate passion is to learn things quickly,outperform others and make use of the abroad oppurtunities.I should really start my preparation for becoming a so called "Well Settled" person.
Gone are those days, when "Well Settled" person meant having a secured job.These days it means a lot like job in abroad etc. So its high time to pull up my socks and do a lot of ground work on this.

And also i have to shape up my body for which i have been working very hard.The only thing i am lagging here is consistency.
So no more excuses,i will stick to it and i know i will do it.

I am passionate to play/sing for a band.I keep dreaming performing in front of thousand and odd people.

So these are my passions and goals for now. will keep u posted